eMenuTouch for Stadiums & Arenas
What's included
All eMenuTouch guest services are in compliance with the legislation of FDA (USA) and EU FIC Food Information for Consumers Regulation and each menu item displays all ingredients, calories, and allergy food can be filtered with a click.
Branding App
Stadium's logo, website, information, visuals and guest services published on all major platforms as a Client App.
Quick Menu Filtering
One tap Filter allergens from all menu items
Bring Your Own Device
Customers can use their own devices. There is no need of kiosks.
Learn more about the events held and scheduled by the stadium.
View listings and purchase tickets for your favorite upcoming events.
Food & beverage ordering on over 8.6 billion Internet-enabled Devices
Sizes, Weight and Calories
Detailed view of sizes, weight and calorie intake
Allergy food Filter
Menu item displays all ingredients, and allergy food can be filtered with a click.
Menu Planning
Create unlimited menus, categories, subcategories and menu items
Find the Venue Easily
Locate and navigate to the restaurant
Payments & Receipts
View the bill and pay on thru cash or credit card
Check In
Check in to the venue by scanning the QR code or NFC on the seat
Find Your Seat Easily
Locate and navigate to the your seat
Receive information about the stadium and the events
Customize Your Meal
Guest can customize dish as per taste and flavor
Store Your Preferences & Favourites
Sign using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or eMenuTouch account
Social Media Integrations
Share with friends or recommend the stadium or the events
Fan Reviews
Write reviews or rate the meals
Seat Planning
Create detailed floor plans and manage visually your tables's position, number, seats, QR code and NFC tag.
Transfer Ticket
Change Seat
Stadium Client
Venues Guests can choose categories, order menu items, reserve table, room, seats, cabins from anywhere inside the venue, pool side and resorts and customize their meals to their taste and in their own language. It is publicly available for download as a branding app.
eMenuTouch Manager allows publishing and modifying of the menu contents as well as maintenance of the whole local infrastructure. Using the Manager you can create unlimited menus, categories, subcategories and menu items
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